Colour mixing and spirals

This afternoon we created our own spiral art based on Hundertwasser’s artwork. First we drew a spiral shape and then we mixed colours and painted.

Glass, rock, brick and water

Today we learnt about some new materials, glass, rock, brick and water. We used our observational skills to describe the materials and compare them. We talked about how glass is ‘see-through’ and how the scientific word for this is transparent.

Can you find any glass objects at home and send in a picture? Where have you seen rock? How is water different to the other materials?

Cover in 1JS

From today Wednesday afternoons will be covered by Mrs Boothroyd one of our deputy heads. She worked with the class when they were in reception and is looking forward to working with them again.

Tomorrow morning I have my head of year release time and the class will be covered by Mrs Gee, another one of our deputy heads.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Learning about materials

Our science learning this week is all about materials. Today we learnt that everything around us and that we use is made of some form of material. We also learnt that when we use the word material in science we are referring to what something is made from, not fabric.

Today we looked at wood, metal and plastic. We observed the materials and discussed what they felt like. Once we had identified the material we talked about what it is used for. Then we sorted some objects from the classroom into the three groups.

We also worked with our team to sort pictures of objects that were made from wood, plastic or metal.

I have asked the children to see if they can find anything at home that is made using just one of the materials (so not a plastic toy with metal parts) and bring it in once they’ve checked with you!

Learning about materials – can you help?

Next week year 1 will be learning all about materials. We need lots of offcuts of wood, metal samples, ingots of metal, corrugated plastic sheet or bits of plastic! Do you have anything at home we could use? We would like children to touch and feel as many examples as possible.

We also need toys made solely from wood or plastic or metal so if you have anything we could borrow for the week that would be great!

Thanks for your support.

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