In our metacognition lessons we have been talking about how it feels to learn a new skill. This term we will be trying to learn to tie our shoelaces! We had a go without any help and talked about how it felt. There was a great deal of frustration in the room! Lots of children thought it would be easier than it was. We talked about how that made us feel:

“I’m stopping I can’t do it”

“This is so hard”

“I give up”

“I need help”

We used the metacognition colours to identify what we were feeling:

Then I demonstrated to the children how I tie my laces and we talked about how that had changed some people from feeling red to yellow because it gave them some idea of how to do it. We came up with some ideas of what else might help us learn:

– watching a YouTube video

– looking at instructions

– getting a friend to show us

So we will be trying some of these over the next few weeks!

Reading at home

From next week we are going to be sending home reading books with reading records. We will send home a school book on Tuesdays and Fridays. The reading records are for you to record the reading you do with your child, both school books and the books you have at home. It’s great if you encourage your child to discuss what they have read and explain what they liked or disliked about the book. Either you or your child can jot this down in the reading record. We will be reading with your child regularly and assessing which level of book they should be reading. The children will need to bring the book back to get a new book so please make sure your child brings it in their book bag to school.

Any questions please ask!

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